Will Contests

Too often someone, especially if in advanced age or poor mental or physical health, is influenced or taken advantage of by a family member, health care provider, neighbor or friend, to change their will to give their estate away. Even though it was never the intent of this person to exclude or eliminate family members, their diminished capacity as a result of age, poor health, medication or other outside factors results in the wrong outcome that was never intended by the person. Further, this problem has been made worse with the availability and use of “form” wills easily obtained on the internet.


Many retirees in Florida are even more susceptible to this conduct because they might be geographically separated from their family.


Our initial consultation to discuss probate litigation or a potential will contest is at no charge, and if we take your case we will do so on a contingency basis. This means there is no charge to you unless we are successful in making a recovery.