Drug Charges

Drug charges can range from simple possession of a controlled substance, to sale and delivery, manufacture/cultivation, to trafficking.


Discovery and investigation of the State’s evidence is vitally important in these cases, and many times the State must be challenged through a motion to suppress evidence.


A conviction of many drug charges in Florida can range from no conviction on your record, probation, to exposure to incarceration. Also, there is a possibility that your driver’s license will be suspended for many drug convictions.


Whether you’ve been charged with drug possession, drug trafficking, or driving under the influence of a controlled substance, you’re probably facing many questions and concerns. Will I be convicted? Will I ever be able to work again? Will I go to jail?


While these are serious things to think about, it’s worth noting that not every drug charge will lead to a conviction, jail time or other severe penalties. At Revis Law Firm, we will do everything in our power to give you the best possible defense and outcome. The best thing you can do right now is relax, think about your options, and meet with an attorney who will help you develop your case.


While by no means fool-proof, these factors in your drug charge may help you achieve a better outcome:


Faulty obtaining of evidence


One of the primary ways to defend against drug charges is to question the way the evidence was obtained. An officer cannot search your car without a probable cause to do so, unless he or she had a warrant that gave them that ability. When you consent to a search, however, you give up that protection—so if you did allow a search during your traffic stop, you can’t use this as a defense retroactively. (It is something to remember for the future, however!) But if you truly did not consent to a search, this is a defense we may be able to use in court. Evidence that was obtained unlawfully is, as you may already know, inadmissible in court.


Lesser offenses


The penalties for drug possession (up to a certain amount, depending on the drug) and drug trafficking are different. When possible, we may be able to fight for a lesser offense, providing a better outcome for you.


Drug Court


Drug Court is a viable option for those looking to treat their substance problems and lessen the penalties for their drug charge. First pioneered by the state of Florida, the Drug Court Program was created to offer those charged with drug related crimes and with a history of substance abuse a chance to resolve their case in a constructive way. If you take part in Drug Court, you are expected to acknowledge your substance abuse, take part in an intensive treatment program, and work with a team (comprised of your defense lawyer, prosecutor, judge, specialists and others) to remedy your problem. You are also expected to have a nonviolent history—so if your drug charge was coupled with violence, Drug Court isn’t necessarily for you. But if you do meet the criteria and are willing to make a real change, you may benefit greatly from this type of program. You may also be able to reduce your sentence or have your charge dismissed completely, depending on the details of your case.


The most important thing to do following a drug charge is to be proactive and find an attorney to give your case the best possible chance of success. If you or a loved one has been charged with a drug related offense, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.